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16.07.2019 2 x Mezinárodní výstava psů Sárvár
New Lady Hannah Moravia získala ocenění 2 x (V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB). rozhodčí: Lukasz Pawlowski (PL), Natalya Sedyh (RU).

16.07.2019 Mezinárodní výstava psů Oberwart
New Lady Hannah Moravia získala ocenění V1, CACA, res.CACIB. rozhodčí: Katalin Radvanszky (HU).

07.07.2019 Speciální výstava KCHT Veselíčko
New Lady Hannah Moravia získala ocenění V1, CAC, CC, VSV, BOB. Nejlepší nízkonohý teriér výstavy - BOG - 3.místo. rozhodčí: Juha Palosaari (FI), Adam Stasiak (PL).


Welcome !

You have just opened website of our breeding station Hannah Moravia

What do we keep?

Individual, wilful, friendly, wheat, striped, black scottish terriers.

Healthy, work, standart,friendly, for sport and cynology talented Blackgiantschnauzers.

History of breeding station

I have been interested in cynology since 1983. First I prefered training. My first own dog was wolf-gray bitch of German shepherd wihout certificate of extraction. I learnt basic training with this bitch. We passed several exams together and reached a bit of success.

But my dream was about my own Giantschnazer. I had no base for breeding of big pedigreee, and I and my wife looked for family compromise. We bought bitch of Scotch terrier. Grace z Dimitrovky, Later we had Merllin Wys -Tabasko, Remmi Wys -Tabasko And finally in 2003 wheat bitch First Lady Prima Moravia, founder of our dog breeding station of Scottisch terrier

After some time the base changed and I have been interested in training of big breed. In 1999 I brought the bitch of german Shepherd. Hannah Černý Obelisk, I passed several exams with her and kept litters A and B.

Since autumn 2005 the bitch of Giantschnauzer, who was imported from Austria, enearged our Scottisch terrier kennel. Grace con Todos Los Santos. I hope she´ll become founder of breeding Giantschnauzer in our dog – breeding station

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